Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month


Garfield Middle School is continuing to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month by encouraging our Hispanic Griffins to demonstrate their proud heritage in various ways. This month, students have been presenting aspects of their culture every morning on the school video announcements. They have been telling us about the different types of food that their culture is known for, various popular holidays, and they have even been teaching us how to say a variety of different phrases and ask popular questions in Spanish. 

Along with the announcements, our Hispanic Griffins have been involved in a competition titled “The Hispanic Heritage Showcase.” In this competition, students created posters that highlighted a different country around the world and presented some of the unique social, economic, political and environmental attributes of that nation. Last week, students presented their projects to peers and staff members alike, and votes were cast for the best presentation and display.  The votes are still being tallied, but some of their outstanding work can be seen in the images below.

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