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Remote Learning Schedule remote learning

In the event of a shift to remote learning, students will be expected to follow their schedules and login as described here.

Two Digit Numbers ee

The second graders in Mrs. Elleman’s class have been discussing two-digit numbers, and we are learning about the “regrouping” processes.

Christmas Order of Operations mc

This week we practiced our Order of Operations skills. The students solved problems and their answers told them what color to use. 


Multiplication Competition john

Mrs. Johnson challenged Mrs. Compton's homeroom to a multiplication competition. They played a "Boss Battle" on an interactive website called Gimkit. Although Mrs. Johnson put up a good fight, she was no match for her 6th grade students!!  These students have worked so hard on their number sense this semester and were so proud of their victory!

Trust No One cc

6th graders play a game on GimKit ( “Trust No One)

It is a game that is styled similarly to Among Us which is a popular online game.

Students are practicing PIE’ED- Author’s Purpose. 

Students have to work together to find out who in the class is an “imposter” and kick them out of the spaceship.