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Visitors and Volunteers


Hamilton City Schools welcomes visitors but we have specific safety checks in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

  • All visitors must have a discussion at the outside Intercom to comfirm their identity and purporse for their visit.
  • Visitors and volunteers must complete an ID scan to
    • attend prescheduled appointments
    • pick-up students (confirmed visitors must be listed as an emergency contact and an administrator aware)
    • volunteer in the building (under the supervision of a staff member).
  • Visitors cannot go past the office area without being escorted by a staff member, and they must have a visitors pass printed for them. 
  • DoorDash or similar services will not be allowed access to the building.


The Board of Education recognizes that certain programs and activities can be enhanced through the use of volunteers who have particular knowledge or skills that will be helpful to members of the professional staff responsible for the conduct of those programs and activities.  Volunteers must complete packet linked below.