Royal Spotlight: Grace Caldwell, 5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Caldwell loves the sense of community and positivity in the building.
Mrs. Caldwell
Here is why Mrs. Caldwell is #RoyalByChoice:
I look forward to coming to work every day, being surrounded by encouraging people and students that love to learn. The students surprise me every day and I learn just as much from them as they learn from me!


Here is what some Riverview Royals had to say about Mrs. Caldwell being a Royal and what they love about Riverview:


"Mrs. Caldwell is nice and she isn't all mean and grumpy. She lets me drink water and her mood is always good. My favorite thing I have worked on this year has been plot maps. Riverview is fun." ~Anaria Bartley
"Mrs. Caldwell is a good teacher and she is nice. She explains the work and makes sure you understand. My favorite thing that we have done is read the book Narnia. Riverview is fun because of the people and the things that we do." ~Kehanna Roberts
"Mrs. Caldwell is very nice and she is a great teacher. At my old school I didn't really understand a lot of the stuff but she actually helps you and teaches. Yesterday we surprised our student teacher that was leaving with cookies to celebrate with her before she left. I also like that we are doing mystical creatures from the book that we are reading. I like how everyone is nice and positive here at Riverview." ~Kaylyn Brierly
"Mrs. Caldwell is a very funny, bright person. She is very creative. Riverview has friendly people." ~Daysi Velasco
"Mrs. Caldwell is so nice, kind and when I need help, she helps me. I am excited for the trip to Kings Island. I love that Riverview is organized." ~Pauleth Segoviano
"Mrs. Caldwell is funny and kind. She gives us candy. I have a lot of friends at Riverview." ~Aniah Wallace
"Mrs. Caldwell is a nice person who helps me with my work. Yesterday, she brought cookies for Ms. Fulcher because it was her last day. I love that Riverview has so many wonderful people." ~Wendy Ortiz
"Mrs. Caldwell is a very sweet person and helps me with my work. My favorite thing that we do is play quizlets individually. I love that Riverview is a very diverse school with many different races." ~Aniyah Simmons

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