At Riverview, Ms. Hafer's Class Earns a Special Award!

preschool play

Ms. Hafer's class earned a special reward for earning so many Royal Bucks for good behavior throughout the school! They were excited to join the preschoolers in gym for some special buddy time!

preschool buddies

Here is what some of Ms. Hafer's Royal students had to say about the experience:

"We got to play with the preschoolers and it was so fun. Paloma was so cute. We also played with scooters, dodgeballs and hula hoops." ~Journei

"One thing I loved about the reward is that I get to play with smaller kids because I only have older siblings." ~Diego Hernandez

"I love playing with the preschoolers abd Dylan and taking pictures. Thanks for coming in. I love you guys!!!" ~Deelilah

"I liked that Jackie gave a little boy her ball. I also liked that Ava asked a little girl if she wanted to play." ~Maryann Renfro

"What I enjoyed today for our 180 dollar award was playing with Paloma, playing princess and throwing something. If she sees this, Masiah says hi." ~Masiah

"I enjoyed all the little preschoolers. Especially the one with the blond hair that responded to the 'Three Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree'. I just liked everything in general." ~ Ariana Phillips

"I love that the little kids had energy just like me. I liked how the little kids were running and how they talk. ~Leslie Andres Pinacho

"I loved playing with the preschoolers and playing catch with my friends. I hope that we can do it again sometime." ~Emiliano Vasquez

"What I enjoyed about being with the preschoolers is that they're really playful and fun. It reminds me of when I was a preschooler. They are adorable and cute!" ~Wendy Arriaga Rojas

"I loved the reward because I got to play with the cutest and sweetest little kids ever. Ava and Jackie are the sweetest. I really want to go and help out someday. They are all so intelligent and kind." ~Angelina Sarai Mendoza



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