Mental Health Services & School Based Therapy

Last Updated: 9/29/2022 4:57 PM

mental health

Hamilton City School district places a strong emphasis on social, emotional, and behavioral health in order to positively impact learning and life. 

Mental Health Services and Immediate Assistance

With the safety and well-being of our students as a top priority, we recognize that strong mental health plays a vital role in a student's growth and success.

If a person needs immediate assistance:

Pediatric Mental Health Urgent Care
   Best Point Behavioral Health(513) 527-3040

Immediate Crisis Response and Consultation
   Mobile Response Stabilization Service1-844-427-4747

Consultation Support and Referral/Intake
   Children’s Hospital Psychiatric Intake Response Center (PIRC)(513) 636-4124

Crisis Numbers
   National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 
   Butler County Crisis Hotline: 1-844-427-4747 or call 911
   Ohio Crisis Text Line: Text 4HOPE to 741741 Text Line

Hamilton City Schools partners with MindPeace and area mental health agencies to help increase student access to high-quality and affordable mental healthcare. 

MindPeace is a non-profit that serves as a facilitator for connecting its network of professional mental health providers with schools to create partnerships and then MindPeace helps the mental health partnerships grow and thrive. This allows our district to offer School-Based Therapy through mental health partnerships.

MindPeace’s model involves a needs assessment in each school, followed by a rigorous interview and selection process by a team of stakeholders represented by school administrators, teachers, support staff, and parents that is facilitated by MindPeace. Depending on each school's individual needs, the partner organization may be different from one school to the next. Once an agency is selected, they find various therapist candidates for our buildings to make sure they are a good fit for their partner school. 

A licensed therapist from the lead mental health agency has an office at the school and is available for consultation during the school day and after school hours, as needed. Parents, teachers, administrators, and school counselors can make student referrals for services. Students can also self-refer. The in-school therapist will offer a more intensive level of service for students and families, always with the parent’s consent. 

Students who exhibit some of the behaviors below may benefit from some extra help. Some of these behaviors may not be as obvious as others, but they may be a symptom of some underlying mental health issues.

  • Avoidant, anxious, or clingy towards teachers or caregivers

  • General fearfulness/sudden new fears that are not developmentally appropriate

  • Excessive worry or preoccupation

  • Many complaints of aches and pains - especially if there is a pattern to the complaints

  • Sadness/depression

  • Decreased interest in friends or activities

  • A consistent irritable mood

  • A decline in grades

  • Lack of motivation or energy

  • Bully behaviors or those who are the victim of bullies

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Helplessness, passive, or low frustration tolerance

  • Restless, impulsive, hyperactive

  • Inattention, often seem as if they are daydreaming

  • Sexualized behavior

  • Poor peer relationships and social problems

  • Doesn’t seem to understand others’ feelings

  • Absenteeism

  • Increased sensitivity to sensory inputs (bells, door slams, physical contact, etc)

  • Bathroom issues after a developmentally appropriate time

  • Defiant, oppositional behaviors that go beyond what is developmentally appropriate and that are chronic and problematic

  • A recent death or major loss in the family

  • Divorce

  • Chaotic or unstable home lives

  • History of trauma or abuse

Yes, information about your child's treatment plan is confidential. It will only be shared with a school team member with the parent's consent and on a need-to-know basis. Treatment information is not part of a student’s school record. 

Families can cover the cost of therapist visits through insurance, Medicaid or private pay options. Each mental health partner accepts different insurance plans and has different costs and fee schedules. Parents will need to contact the school's partner directly for payment options and details. 

The partnership is self-sustaining and does not require any financial investment by the school district

All buildings at Hamilton City Schools have a lead mental health partner and an in-school therapist who can provide school-based therapy. See the list at the right to visit the website of any school with a mental healthcare partner.

In addition to their network of school-based providers, MindPeace also manages a comprehensive community database of all the mental health providers in our region, along with other helpful resources to meet the needs of students and their families. Visit the MindPeace website to view the comprehensive list of providers and resources. 

If your child is on a waitlist for school-based services you can provide verbal consent for a MindPeace representative to contact you and connect you to care in the community or click here to access the Community Provider Search

Hamilton City School District is proud to partner with Companions on a Journey to offer grief support in every building. If you are interested in your child participating in a group at school, please click below to view your building's direct contact.

School Name Email Phone
Bridgeport Elementary Kathryn Herman [email protected] (513) 868-5580 ext. 6076
Brookwood Elementary Zane Lykins [email protected] (513) 868-5590 ext. 6723
Crawford Woods Elementary John Connell [email protected] (513) 868-5600 ext. 7370
Fairwood Elementary Cherish Bowman [email protected] (513) 868-5610 ext. 6615
Highland Elementary Amanda White [email protected] (513) 868-5620 ext. 7976
Linden Elementary Kerri Wolpert [email protected] (513) 868-5630 ext. 7034
Ridgeway Elementary Mindee Callahan [email protected] (513) 868-5640 ext. 7260
Riverview Elementary Karyn Spicer [email protected] (513) 868-5650 ext. 7858
Garfield Middle School Laura Hord (7th), Christina Riddle (8th) [email protected][email protected] (513) 887-5035
Wilson Middle School Christy Snyder (7th), Linda Milholland (8th) [email protected]

[email protected]

(513) 887-5170
HHS - Freshman Campus Amy Bijas (A-K), Courtney Ruther (L-Z) [email protected][email protected] (513) 896-3400
HHS - Main Campus

           Class of 2022 (last name)      

            Class of 2023 (last name)           

            Class of 2024 (last name)            

Lisa Caudill (A - K)
[email protected]
(513) 887-4811

Welty, Sara (A - K)
[email protected]
(513) 887-4812

Kelsey Kigar (A - K)
[email protected]
(513) 887-4836

Megan Wheat (L - Z)
[email protected]
(513) 868-4492

Kristy Margerum (L - Z)
[email protected]
(513) 868-4494

Molly Gifford (L-Z)
[email protected]
(513) 887-4807

Miami School/VLI Scott Ahonen [email protected] (513) 887-5033 ext. 2250


Our Team

a sorrentino

Alexandria Sorrentino
Supervisor of Mental Health

Alex Sorrentino grew up in Hamilton and graduated from Badin High School.  She attended Jacksonville University, Florida and obtained undergraduate degrees in both Psychology and Marine Science.  Old Dominion University served as her master’s program where she graduated with a Masters in Education with a concentration in both school and community counseling.  During this time she worked in a crisis inpatient hospital setting serving populations from pre school to geriatric. She spent the next decade in Key West, Florida where she worked for a state funded agency, community agency and ultimately the local school district. Returning to Hamilton, Alex has spent the last 4 years working for the Hamilton City School District as a Student and Family Support Specialist.

Bringing more than 10 years of experience in the mental health field, ranging from inpatient crisis units to community agency and the justice system. Ms. Sorrentino has an independent licensure as a clinical counselor, a certification in play therapy, and a national accreditation.  She also has over 12 years of experience working in a school system as a counselor. During this time, cultivating expertise in creating and maintaining Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports that recognize societal and environmental factors affecting learners.  Additionally, she brings expertise in creating mental health supports as well as cultivating relationships with agencies to provide for the ever-changing needs of student populations.