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Located at The Miami School:

Open: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (includes summer months)

140 Ross Ave.
Hamilton, Ohio 45013
(513) 887-5033
Fax: 1-513-318-1451

Enrollment Forms and Information

Military Student Identifier Form
Required Documents Needed for Enrollment
Student Registration Form (paper version)

Open Enrollment

The Hamilton City School District will accept open enrollment applications pursuant to legislative requirements in section 3313.98 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Applications may be downloaded from this website or obtained from the Miami School location.

Open Enrollment Process
Open Enrollment Form

Applications may be returned by mail or in-person to Student Services at the Miami School.

Every application will receive a date stamp and time when received and will be acted on in the order in which applications are received.

Applicants will be notified, in writing, of the acceptance or denial of their open enrollment application.

Upon receiving notification from the District that an open enrollment application has been approved, a written confirmation of acceptance must be received by the Student Services at the Board of Education within ten (10) days. Failure to notify the District in writing may be grounds for revoking open enrollment approval.

Important Considerations

No inter-district transfer will be permitted if the enrollment of the grade level/section or course being requested exceeds the following:

  • K – 3: 21 to 1 average per teacher per building
  • 4 – 6: 23 to 1 average per teacher per building
  • 7 – 12: 25 to 1 average per class
  • K – 12 special education shall be eight less than State maximum in every area.
    Students in grades 9 – 12 must fill out a course request list and include it with their application. Failure to complete this requirement will be grounds for rejecting an application. The course of study can be found at the Hamilton High School Counselors Page.

Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) athletic eligibility guidelines and District athletic policies will be in effect for students in grades 7-12. It is the responsibility of each student/parent who is accepted into the Inter-District Open enrollment program and who desires to participate in interscholastic athletic competition to take all necessary steps and present evidence of such to the Superintendent of Schools that they have met all standard/eligibility criteria of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Any enrolled inter-district students who are eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics and have been released by their home district are to be informed they could lose their eligibility for an entire year if or when they return to the home district. Students and parents are encouraged to become aware of and consider the OHSAA athletic eligibility guidelines, INCLUDING ALL TRANSFER RULES, before making an application for inter-district open enrollment.

Students must comply with the school rules of the District. Failure to comply with school rules may constitute a student’s return to his/her home District.

All applications are considered on an individual basis, and every prospective student must have his/her own individual application. For families with multiple children applying for open enrollment, it is possible that not every student will be accepted.

In general, students who move outside of the Hamilton City School District must enroll in their new district of residence for the remainder of the school year. Only those families who notify their building principal prior to moving and receive permission to remain for the rest of the year will be considered by the instructional department for in-year open enrollment status. FAMILIES THAT MOVE WITHOUT NOTIFYING THEIR BUILDING PRINCIPAL PRIOR TO MOVING WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR OPEN ENROLLMENT AND WILL HAVE TO ENROLL IN THEIR NEW SCHOOL DISTRICT OF RESIDENCE.

Priority for open enrollment approval is according to the following order (based on the date each application is received):

  • Children of employees
  • Students currently attending the District pursuant to Inter-District Open Enrollment policy
  • Students who are members of the same family unit (brothers and sisters) of students who attend the District pursuant to Inter-District Open Enrollment policy
  • Students who reside with grandparents in the District or whose grandparents (who are District residents) are caregivers
  • First time open enrollment students

If at any time prior to the start of the school year, the enrollment of a new District student brings a specific class or program enrollment to an optimum size, the applications of students from other Ohio districts shall be revoked in reverse order of acceptance (last in-first out). However, students from other Ohio district who have begun the program shall be allowed to complete the school year.