Board Financials

Board Financials

Financial Forecast

Ohio School Districts are required to file a 5-year financial forecast by October 31 and to update that forecast no later than May 31.  The five-year forecast provides a financial roadmap for the school district.  It clearly illustrates the current and future financial condition of the school based on assumptions that are agreed upon by the Administration and Board of Education.

If properly used the financial forecast is an early warning system that will indicate if and when financial difficulties may occur.  Consistently accurate forecasts have enabled the Hamilton City School District to make appropriate spending decisions prior to financial problems occurring and this has prevented the Hamilton City School District from falling off a “financial cliff” that would require catastrophic program reductions.

The Board of Education’s understanding and prudent use of the financial forecast has enabled the district to consistently operate within our financial resources.  The last time the district passed additional operating millage was February 1993.

The financial forecasts of all Ohio School Districts are available on the Ohio Department of Education webpage at the following link:

Hamilton City School District’s financial forecast can be found at the following link:

Financial Forecast notes can be found at the following link:

Cost Per Pupil

Generally, in March of each year, the Ohio Department of Education will publish the Cupp Report for the previous fiscal year.  The Cupp report provides an array of financial information for every school district that can be very useful.  You will find the Cupp Report at the following link:

If you wish to compare up to 4 school districts side by side on the Cupp report you will want to use the Excel version of the report which can be found at the following link: