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The Hamilton City School District is now hiring full-time Custodial Positions, Food Service Workers, and Bus Drivers. Competitive Wages, Medical Insurance, Retirement Plan. Call 513.887.5055 or visit www.hamiltoncityschools.com/Employment

Polliwog's Cakewalk 5th grade music
Students from Mrs. LaBoffe's 5th grade class performed Polliwog's Cakewalk in music class.
Celebrating Dr. King dr. king
5th grade students created word pictures and wrote about Martin Luther King.
Special Forces special forces
Thank you to our special teachers for a great school year! They truly are our SPECIAL FORCES!
Spelling Fun in 2nd Grade hartsough
In second grade we used shaving cream to work on our spelling words!
Building Words downing - words
1st graders enjoy building words with their letter tiles!
Digraphs with Mrs. Downing downing
1st grade students focused on digraphs and identifying them in everyday words!
Kindergarten Math Workshop weiser - math
Students in Mrs. Weiser's kindergarten class are enjoying math workshop.
Girls On The Run Race Day GOTR
The 4th grade Girls on the Run had a fantastic spring season! They worked very hard this season and ran a great 5K!
Big Blue Students Repair Devices For Their Peers tech repair

Check out how Michelle Anderson, Ron Richards, and our Big Blue students support the district by making critical repairs to staff and student devices. 

Kindergarten Registration is Now Open kg reg

Kindergarten registration for the 2021/22 school year is now open. Please click here to learn more. 

Highland PrideTV S5E21 logo

Check out the latest episode of Highland Pride TV! #RidewiththePRIDE #BigBlueontheMove

Under One Big Sky: A Tribute to Alma Thomas Howard - Alma Thomas
Mrs. Howard did cross-grade level collaborative to pay tribute to Alma Thomas.
Easter/Springtime Learning Lambertson - Easter
Students in Mrs. Lambertson's 1st grade class enjoyed the Easter/Spring season learning about fact families, comparing numbers, sight words, and writing sentences.
Learning About Animal Habitats Holman - habitats
Miss Holman's 2nd graders have been working on learning about habitats and the different habitats around the world. The students spent the week reading about them and building the habitats. 
"EGG"cellent Writing Laboffe - egg writing

Mrs. LaBoffe's 5th graders had an Egg Disguise writing contest before Spring Break!

Meet Ryan Britton - Highland Elementary School - New Principal ryan britton

Click here to meet Ryan Britton. He will serve as the new principal of Highland Elementary School starting the 2021/2022 school year.

Working on Volume in 5th Grade Mattson - Volume
Mrs. Ruther & Mrs. Mattson's 5th graders are working on volume in math class.
Escape Velocity Jones - Velocity
Students in Mrs. Jones' science class used water balloons for an activity to learn about escape velocity during our force and motion unit.
Loads of Literacy in Highland's Bookroom Highland's Bookroom
Highland's book room is filled with wonderful leveled literacy materials to meet the varied needs of our students.
3rd Grade Celebrates History Grant - Celebrating History
Third graders have worked very hard in February and so far in March celebrating Black History Month and Women's History Month. 
Rock Cycles through Coding Carlton - Rock Cycle Coding
6th-grade students in Mr. Carlton's class are showing off their knowledge of the Rock Cycle through Coding.
Conquering Decimals with Mrs. Ruther Ruther - decimals
Students in Mrs. Ruther's math class are modeling decimal numbers with base 10 blocks to compare values, as well as identifying common misconceptions with models.
Kindergarten Learns The Pacer Fitness Test Stacy - Pacer Test

The kindergarten students are learning how to perform the Pacer Fitness test in class this week!  Cardio Up!

Bottle Buddy Biographies Hazelwood - Bottle Buddies
Mrs. Hazelwood's 1st grade students chose biographies of famous Americans to research and then wrote informative paragraphs to share with their classmates.  The students also made "Bottle Buddies". 
Dental Hygiene Week Jeffries - Dental Hygiene
Students in Mrs. Jeffries' class spent time recently learning about Dental Hygiene!
Learning About Chemical Reactions tipton - reactions
Mrs. Tipton’s classes are investigating how an acid (vinegar) can cause color change, fizzing, and make things dissolve by reacting with them.
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Check out the latest episode of Highland Pride TV! #BigBlueontheMove #RideWithThePRIDE

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Check out the latest episode of Highland PRIDE TV! #BigBlueontheMove #RideWithThePride

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Check out the latest episode of Highland Pride TV! #BigBlueontheMove #RideWiththePride

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Highland Pride TV S5E12 lion

Check out the Holiday Episode of Highland Pride TV!

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Check out the newest episode of Highland Pride TV! #RideWiththePride

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