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Spring Break Reminder Big Blue

Mark your calendars - HCSD's Spring Break starts on April 1 and ends on April 9, 2023. School resumes on April 10, 2023.

Reaching MAP Goals rapier
Students who work Ms. Rapier received a book from the vending machine for meeting their MAP goals in reading! 
Learning In Mrs. Huber's Class huber
Students worked in groups to discuss and answer questions. Students showing empathy to Mrs. Wagonfield by making cards for her. Butler Water and Soil Conservation District visited our room to share how worms help our crops. Student leading a conversation about ants.
Fun in Preschool Speech-Language Therapy geiser
In preschool speech-language therapy this week we read the book "Silly Willy" by Maryann Cocca-Leffler and completed a doll-dressing activity.
Narrative POV and Character Traits lawson
Students work in book groups to determine the narrative point of view and the traits of a character in a fictional story!
Sorting To Get Our Buddy Bench reddin
Students in Mrs. Mann and Mrs. Reddin’s Kindergarten classes have been combining teamwork and their sorting skills to help their school.
Using Movement in Music henry
Mrs. Temple's fourth graders are using movement to internalize the steady beat and quarter rests in the song "Hot Cross Buns."
Hispanic Heritage Night leist
Highland celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month this Fall by inviting students and their families to participate in an evening event with activities celebrating and recognizing the culture, achievements, and contributions made by Hispanic and Latin Americans.
How To Writing and Being A Hero huber
Our students started making lists of things they are experts on to start their how-to writing. They shared their ideas with the class. On the carpet, we shared what a hero is to us. In the picture with Hero the Lion, our kids are sitting and listening to the PBIS assembly. 
Math Exploration in 2nd Grade lambertson
Mrs. Lambertson’s second graders getting to know each other with a fun scavenger hunt. Mrs. Ware, our wonderful math coach, with Mrs. Lambertson’s second graders enriching our classroom with math exploration.
Highland Student Council Joins Community Caroling Night student council
Our Student Council went to the Armondale & Millikin Neighborhood Caroling night! 
Mentoring Kindergarteners peters
Ms. Peters’ 5th graders are paired up with kindergartners in Mrs. Downing’s room.
5th Graders Build Community Together peters
Fifth grade students came together in the cafeteria to build community as a whole grade level.
Kindergarteners Building Math Skills reddin
Students are working on their NY Engage Math lesson.
Fifth Grade Buddies reddin
Our Fifth Grade Buddies from Mrs. LaBoffe's classroom are helping the Kindergarteners work on their name puzzles, practice writing their name, reading books and just getting to know each other.  We are looking forward to a really fun and productive year together.
Learning About Hanukkah temple
Ms. Temple’s 4th grade had a great time learning all about Hanukkah this week!
1st and 6th Grade Buddy Enrichment Rapier
Mrs. Malone’s and Mrs. Mills’ 6th grade classes read with first grade students for buddy enrichment. A great way to also build social-emotional learning skills! 
New Phonics Program at Highland Wagonfield
Our new phonics program, Really Great Reading, is up and running in grades K-3.
Identify, Define, and Create! Juengling
Today in Miss Juengling’s class, students worked together to identify, define, and create types of variables on a graph.
Exploring BLAST! brannon
Mrs. Brannon and Mrs. Hazelwood's students were THRILLED to explore with the new BLAST program!
COVID-19 Positive Case Reporting Form covid reporting form

Please click here to fill out the form if your child has tested positive for COVID-19

COVID-19 Positive Case Reporting Form covid reporting form

Please click here to fill out the form if your child has tested positive for COVID-19


August  25, 2022, Board Meeting Notice.

PBIS Building Update PBIS Update

Our PBIS team and staff have been working hard this year to teach and reinforce our schoolwide PRIDE expectations!