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Remote Learning Schedule remote learning

In the event of a shift to remote learning, students will be expected to follow their schedules and login as described here.

December 2, 2020 - Remote Learning Parent Communication

Please click here for important information for parents/guardians regarding remote learning. / Haga clic aquí para obtener información importante para padres / tutores sobre el aprendizaje remoto.

Recognizing Numbers in K! dm

Ms. Distler-Mills Kindergartner's have been working really hard counting and identifying numbers 1-20 in a spooky way! They are also writing the numbers and making the numbers with Playdoh too at the end of their day! 

Fiction and Non Fiction Texts s

Mr. Harmon's Reading groups have been reading many different books. This student here is reading a fiction book about bats. The student has been learning the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction text. Lately he has also learned how fiction text can sometimes still teach us information about a topic. 

First Grade Informational Writing b

Mrs. Baldock's first graders have been working hard at informational writing pieces and composed a book all about themselves and all about fall.  They loved becoming authors and illustrators of their own books and reading them with the class.  

Informational Fall Writing le

First grade students in Ms. Leighton’s classroom have been working on informational writing. To get into the spirit of the season, students created their own books all about fall!

5th Grade Science Integration ernst

Mrs. Ernst's fifth grade students are integrating science and language arts to explain how the energy pyramid works!

Promoting the Joy of Reading finke

Third grade, Title 1 students enjoy picking out books to read at home.  Activities that encourage fluency and comprehension are provided to the families, along with pre/post reading discussion prompts. Families who read together and have discussions about books promote a joy of reading and literacy achievement.

Cinderella Stories mitchell2020

Students in Ms.Mitchell's ELA class are focusing on the skill of compare and contrast. They are reading various versions of Cinderella and discussing the similarities and differences. Students create a passport for reach Cinderella, which tells which country the story derives from, cultural facts, and an explanation as to why the version is unique. Students are also completing a compare and contrast chart for all of the versions of Cinderella. We are also finding the countries on a map so learn where the story derives from.

Guest Teachers! meadows

Mrs. Meadows Class had guest teachers visit her Kindergarten Classroom. Mrs. Wagonfield came in and read Room on the Broom. Students wrote her a thank you letter. Mrs. Ware came in and completed a counting/shapes math activity.

Harry T. Wilks "Hamilton Celebrates Education" Educators of Excellence doc christen

Congratulations to these amazing Educators of Excellence and thank you to Hamilton Community Foundation for recognizing these incredible teachers for all of their efforts. 

Book Tour ld

4th graders to a "Book Tour" around the room! Students have been learning about Nonfiction vs. Fiction.  To wrap up our learning the students go to walk around on the "Book Tour" to look at many different books.  Students had to decide if the book was fiction or nonfiction and record their answers on their "Book Tour" log. 

Future Math Experts at Work! tc

 Fortune says that these kids are going to excel this year! Students are creating Place Value "Fortune Tellers" to practice their skills and a "What I Learned" poster to show all the awesome things that they have learned so far. 

Historical Fiction vs. Nonfiction! nc

Mr. Conner’s class has been hard at work identifying differences between different genres! Here’s a tip from our 4th grade friends: knowing the setting (where the book takes place) and plot (what happens) will help you decide! 

ESL In the Classroom SCC

Students in grade 5 are composing their own stories in the classroom by using google voice recognition.  Students can talk in their stories and then translate them to share with the class.

First Grade Title I Students KK

Ms. King’s first grade title students are working on improving their reading in a small group setting. The students enjoyed reading their books to practice their fluency, playing a matching game to recognize initial consonant letters/sounds and last but not least, practicing learning their sight words! 

ESL Building A Family Tree AC

Students in grade four built their own family trees and are identifying all of the family members in English.  Students are working towards writing their own paragraphs in English that  tell about their families.

Reading Materials HS

Students in Mrs. Schenk's 3rd-grade class have been working very hard on building their reading stamina using a variety of different reading materials. The students have been reading online books, paper books, and using Digital Libraries. 

Reading is Thinking buelter 3

It is very important to model and teach students comprehension strategies so they can acquire and use knowledge.  Information is turned into knowledge by THINKING about it.  We are learning and practicing several reading strategies. 

Google Classroom in Third Grade buelter 2

Students enjoy using Google Classroom as a way to engage in a virtual classroom space.  Google Classroom is a very useful, educational platform which makes interactive remote learning more productive. 

Handbells music

This is Mrs. Schroeder's Monday/Tuesday class performing a very familiar song. Students spent the day learning about what the words "melody" and "harmony" mean, how they're used in music, and what they sound like in practice. To finish off the lesson, we learned how to play some music using freshly sanitized handbells!

Reading, Writing, and MAP...Oh My!! buell

Students in Miss Buell's classroom worked hard in person and online. They read stories, wrote stories, and tried their best on the MAP test. Students were caught being Respectful, Responsible, and Honest. The classroom was full of learning and laughter! 


Getting Loco-motor lammers2

Students in third grade physical education class are working on different locomotor skills such as running, skipping, galloping, and hopping with fitness relay races, while practicing and maintaining social distancing.

Staying Healthy light

Mrs. Light's class has been discussing how to stay healthy.  The students created their very own masked healthy hero to remind others to wear a mask.

6th grade Starting Off Strong! b johnson

6th-grade students started learning about Algebra this week by recording and graphing the number of jumping jacks a classmate could complete in 2 minutes. We have also been practicing completing assignments in Google Classroom and being familiar with online resources for remote learning!


Planting Seeds s


Sixth grade is working on Planting Seeds in their Writer’s Notebooks. The assignment was to think about someone you admire. Write to explain the admirable qualities that this person has. 

Fun With Google Slides compton

Mrs. Compton's 6th graders spent time exploring Google Slides and making All About Me slideshows to help their classmates learn more about them! 

The Great Outdoors demmer

Mrs. Demmer's class did our interactive read aloud and response to reading in the great outdoors!  We also did had a scavenger hunt and observed nature!  Our favorite observation was three squirrels, who were very close to us, climbing trees!

Nearly 10,000 Chromebooks Being Distributed On The First Week of School chromebook

Hamilton City School District is distributing Chromebooks to all K-12 students during the first week of school.

HCSD Chromebook Issuance chromebook

Please see the attached letter regarding the district’s initiative of issuing Chromebooks for all students in grades K-12 for the 2020-2021 school year.

SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST 2020-2021 supplies

Here is the supply list for the 2020-2021 school year. There will be no communal supplies this year so it is important that your child has each item. 

July 15 - Parent Update - Face Coverings / Cubiertas Faciales face covering

The Hamilton City School District would like to communicate an update regarding face coverings, classroom safety and transportation for the Fall of 2020.

Screen Time for Kids- From the School Psychologist's Desk glaser

Amy Glaser, Crawford Woods School Psychologist, offers some insight to screen time and technology with young children. 

Paws-itive Character Winners! connell

Here are this week's Caught With Paws-itive Character Winners!

Hamilton CSD EdChoice Resolution Logo

Resolution Opposing the State of Ohio EdChoice Scholarship (Voucher) Program was adopted at the regular board meeting at 7:00 on the 12th day of December.

Know the FACTS: EdChoice Scholarship Program logo

Do you know the FACTS about EdChoice and the impact on our public schools? Please take a moment to learn more.

Mrs. Roberts Reading Recovery roberts

Mrs. Roberts first grade Reading Recovery student, Leland, composes a written message in his reading journal

Reading Together Students reading
In Mrs. Schenk's 3rd grade class, we are having so much fun becoming readers that build conversations with other readers so we can deepen our understanding of texts.