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The Hamilton City School District is now hiring full-time Custodial Positions, Food Service Workers, and Bus Drivers. Competitive Wages, Medical Insurance, Retirement Plan. Call 513.887.5055 or visit

Big Blue Students Repair Devices For Their Peers tech repair

Check out how Michelle Anderson, Ron Richards, and our Big Blue students support the district by making critical repairs to staff and student devices. 

6th-grade students working hard on AIR Test Review mr

6th-grade students were asked to complete review questions. For every 5 correct answers, they got to compete in a Minute to Win it Game! Students loved cup stacking, balloon bowling, and building marshmallow towers. They worked really hard and showed so many skills during the review and the games!

Paws-itive Office Referrals

Crawford Woods staff write Paws-itive Office Referrals for students demonstrating respect, responsibility, and honesty. Students are acknowledged during morning announcements, and they come to the office to receive their referral and a treat from Ms. Conrad’s office. 

Animal Research Projects ee

The second graders in Mrs. Elleman’s class have been working on an Animal Research Project! We started out by choosing an animal that we are unfamiliar with. Students had to use library books, and articles to learn about their animals' diet, habitat, and many other interesting facts! We accumulated all of our research into a Lapbook/Research paper! 

Kindergarten Registration is Now Open kg reg

Kindergarten registration for the 2021/22 school year is now open. Please click here to learn more. 

Good Friends Writing rh

During Title I reading group the students were writing about what makes a good friend. The student gave examples of why Duck and Frog were good friends in the story. 

Informative Writing about Elephants! ll

First grade students in Ms. Leighton’s classroom have been working on informative writing about elephants. To get excited for this new writing unit and to learn a little bit more about the animal, the class read books and watched educational videos all about elephants!

Adding, sorting and graphing with goldfish! am

Kindergartners add two digits within ten, sort their goldfish by color and record their totals on their graph up to fifteen.  

Graphing in K! ea

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Allison’s class used their math skills to count and graph colored gold fish! Students also discovered which color goldfish had the most and the fewest amount! 

Mrs. McQueary's Math Class jm

We are studying volume in 5th grade math class. The students built paper boxes and filled them with cubes to determine the volume.

6th Grade Strings: Mrs. Stoffel's Class ms

Students are playing both pizzicato (plucking the string) and arco (with the bow).  Students are learning both string and band instruments this year during their assigned quarter for music. 

Fun with Friction! se

Force and motion science lab! 5th grade completed a friction lab to learn about the impact friction has on motion. They tested their hypothesis and collected data and analyzed their results. Fun with friction!

Dream House Construction tc

Students are using area and perimeter skills to design and build their dream houses. It just shows that knowledge can take you one step closer to your dreams. 

Fossil Digging tc

Students are putting their paleontologist skills to the test to excavate chocolate chip fossils from crumbling cookie dig sites and determine what delicious dinosaurs they might have discovered. 

Fourth Graders Create Ecosystems ag

The fourth graders in Ms. Groh's class created their own imaginary organisms this week. After creating their organisms, they put all of their organisms together to create an ecosystem. They learned that the biotic (living) and abiotic  (nonliving) factors in an ecosystem are all connected.

Main Idea and Details ld

4th graders are learning how to identify the main idea in a text and find its supporting details! They are working hard to go back within the text to pull text evidence to support their thinking! 

March Madness AC

March Madness!

Students in computer lab are competing in a digital checkers tournament for the next few weeks!

Research on African-American Icons IN

Fifth grade students in Ms.Mitchell's classes are celebrating African-American History Month! The students are learning about various people that have impacted history in the United States, as well as across the world.

Main Idea Detectives NC

4th graders in Mr. Conner's room have been working on sleuthing out the Main Idea of Informational Texts! What is the text MOSTLY about? Be sure to check the Title, Pictures, and the beginning and end of the text!

ESL Reading and Writing Goals SC

Students in ESL are working on individual goals in reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Each student has chosen a specific goal and is working to improve by choosing from a list of resources and activities. 

One Book One School: You Are My Sunshine kking

Students in Kindergarten-Third grade are invited to participate in our One Book, One School event taking place during the month of March!

Penguin Writing in K! jm

Mrs. Meadows Kindergarten Class has been reading fiction and nonfiction books about Penguins. After learning interesting facts about Penguins, students are writing and illustrating their own fact book about penguins.

Holiday Fun ec

The older students were preforming for the younger student, meanwhile a book was read out loud. It was a very fun way to learn new vocabulary for both groups. Our newcomer student got a chance to practice their Holiday vocabulary and color names by listening and speaking.

Trapped in a Snow Globe sb

The students in Mrs. Buelter's 3rd grade class wrote four-paragraph essays about being trapped in a snow globe.  

Letters and Colors and Counting, Oh My! JM

This week Ms. Milders has been working one-on-one with students to practice identifying uppercase and lowercase letters, sorting colors, and counting objects. Students are eager to practice these skills when it includes manipulatives and fun games!


3rd Grade Students Striking with an Implement hockey

3rd grade students are working on striking with an implement, using hockey sticks as they play a game that focusses on proper grip of the stick, and striking an object with an implement in their hand. 

Snow Globe Writing sg

Students in Mrs. Schenk's 3rd-grade class are applying what they have learned about main idea, supporting details, and using descriptive language to create a multi-paragraph essay about being trapped in a snow globe.

5th Grade Band Lab am

Fifth grade students learn how to use music production software in Mr. McIntosh's music class. 

Hard Working 6th Graders js

On January 4th, Crawford Woods 6th graders in Mrs. Stoffel’s class are working on their argumentative writing skills. This is a new concept that they will be working on for the next few weeks. 


Punctuation Pasta hd

Mrs. Demmer's students are practicing comma placement in sentences using elbow macaroni to represent the commas.

Two Digit Numbers ee

The second graders in Mrs. Elleman’s class have been discussing two-digit numbers, and we are learning about the “regrouping” processes.

Veteran's Day lux

 Mrs. Lux's class was learning all about Veteran's Day. Students learned facts from multiple resources. Then, they created several charts about both Veterans and Veteran's Day. Afterwards, they worked on a shared writing piece to display. 

First Grade Informational Writing b

Mrs. Baldock's first graders have been working hard at informational writing pieces and composed a book all about themselves and all about fall.  They loved becoming authors and illustrators of their own books and reading them with the class.