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Getting Outside! j king

Kindergarten students got outside on a beautiful day to move their bodies, practice counting, and build relationships with their teacher! Students also get the opportunity to take mask breaks, and practice loco-motor movement!

Getting Loco-motor lammers2

Students in third grade physical education class are working on different locomotor skills such as running, skipping, galloping, and hopping with fitness relay races, while practicing and maintaining social distancing.

Staying Healthy light

Mrs. Light's class has been discussing how to stay healthy.  The students created their very own masked healthy hero to remind others to wear a mask.

Sixth Graders Making Moves! rittner
6th grade Starting Off Strong! b johnson

6th-grade students started learning about Algebra this week by recording and graphing the number of jumping jacks a classmate could complete in 2 minutes. We have also been practicing completing assignments in Google Classroom and being familiar with online resources for remote learning!