Principal's Message

Scott Ahonen
Miami School Principal


For students who find a typical school setting to be a challenge, the Virtual Learning Institute will provide a robust and comprehensive online learning environment that allows each student to receive the support and services they need to find the highest levels of success.

The Virtual Learning Institute (VLI) is a program within the Hamilton City School District continuum of service. Therefore, VLI follows the Hamilton City School Board policies, such as student code of conduct and electronic device policies. 

Students enrolled in Virtual Learning Institute will be eligible to receive a High School diploma upon meeting all graduation requirements. Students will have access to highly qualified teachers and regular collaboration.  Students will have access to counseling services as needed. Students, enrolled in the Virtual Learning Institute, will have the opportunity to participate in Hamilton City Schools extracurricular activities, including athletics, clubs, band, dances, etc. just as students who attend the regular model of instruction.


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