GREATNESS AHEAD! Mr. Bresnen awarded SWOEA scholarship!

greatness ahead

Derek Bresnen SWOEA scholarship award

According to Mr. Bresnen, "the technology is so KEY to the success of our students" and he has dedicated himself to mastering the latest advancements to "aid in making Hamilton Freshman School the best academic center in America." His goal is to contribute these findings not only with seated, in-person classes but virtual classes as well. Mr. Bresnen firmly believes that "[this] is critical to their success" and sees this as an opportunity to better serve students. Now that's a teacher-hero!

When asked to comment about his great achievement, Mr. Bresnen made certain to highlight his co-worker, Mrs. McIntosh! He wanted to say he only applied when "my awesome Union member, Susan McIntosh, told me about the scholarship. I didn't know it existed until she told me! I can't thank her enough!" How moving to hear about this amazing teamwork and that a well-deserving teacher was recognized for his efforts to make HHS-FC #futurefocused and #futureready even more than before. We're so proud of you, Mr. Bresnen! Congratulations on winning the SWOEA Scholarship!


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