HHS-FC Opens MindPeace Room™ for the 2020-2021 School Year

hhs-fc mindpeace room

HHS-FC Mind Peace Room

The Hamilton High School Freshman Campus opened its MindPeace Room™ for the start of the 2020-2021 School Year. A MindPeace Room is a dedicated space in a school where students can go to learn and practice strategies needed to regulate their emotions. 
The MindPeace Room is used as a positive and proactive self-regulating strategy and a place used for reflection of actions and emotions. It’s a space that allows students to receive the physiological and psychological support they need while helping them to be mindful. MindPeace Rooms have been added in recent years in HCSD schools and have been shown to reduce the occurrence of negative behaviors and suspendable offenses. 
The Freshman Campus MindPeace Room was made possible through a grant and expertise provided by MindPeace. A team of support staff including partners with our school based mental health team, Catalyst Counseling LLC, met over the course of six months and persevered through interruptions caused by COVID-19 to plan the space, build the room, and train support staff in its use.  
Students have already started using it and the Freshman Campus is excited to have it as an available resource as our students navigate the increasingly complex relationships and social situations that are a normal part of the first year of high school for Freshmen. This consideration is increasingly important since students also have felt some uncertainty from changes caused by COVID-19. 
If you’d like more information about social emotional supports available at the Freshman Campus please reach out to your child’s teacher or find more information and a directory on your website at. 
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