Royal Spotlight: Cassie Lamb, ESL Teacher

Mrs. Lamb is #RoyalByChoioce
Mrs. Lamb, who teaches English as a Second Language at Riverview, loves that we celebrate diversity and enjoy learning from each other. 
Mrs. Lamb is #RoyalByChoice!
"We all bring something special and unique to our community. Everyone has a skill or talent that brings greatness to the royal Riverview family." ~Mrs. Lamb
Cassie Lamb
Learn what some Riverview Royals had to say about Mrs. Lamb being a Royal:
“I love that Mrs. Lamb teaches us new things and that's how I can learn more things. My favorite thing that I've done with her is to learn about the first Thanksgiving.” ~ Yudeisy
“I am so happy that Mrs. Lamb is at Riverview because each day I learn new things. She shows that she is a good Royal by helping my friends that come up and learn with me each day. She is pretty.” ~Elvin     
“I want to thank Mrs. Lamb for helping all of the students work hard in our school. The Riverview school is friendly, royal and ready to learn every day.” ~ Axel    
“I like when we do fun papers. Mrs. Lamb pushes us to get good grades.” ~Joanna   
“Mrs. Lamb teaches us a lot of stuff like nouns, adjectives and verbs. She is a nice teacher.” ~Dorismar 
“Mrs. Lamb is lovely. She always makes me happy.” ~Ariana            



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