Team Spirit

The Griffins celebrated the inauguration of the 2019-2020 school year in a Big Blue way on Friday, August 23.  Students, Faculty, Staff and Community leaders gathered into the gymnasium to showcase the new teams, new administration, new teachers and new students.  

Each of the 6 teams within the building brought all kinds of spirit as they displayed their logos, slogans, songs, chants, dances and educators.  The teams gathered inspiration from within the city to identify their new cohorts.  

  • Team Champion - Named after the legacy of Champion paper Co.
  • Team Future
  • Team Victory - Named after the Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers Monument in Hamilton with "Billy Yank" atop.
  • Team Hamilton! - Drawing inspiration from the addition of the exclamation point in 1986.
  • Team Hype - Inspired by Pastor Shaq and the HYPE program
  • Team Strong - Gleaning from the 17 Strong initiative that his bringing change to our community  

The excitement was heavy, the pride was inspiring and the hope was contagious as students, faculty, and staff cheered on one another.  Truly we are most alive in community.  And we are head over heels for our Griffin community!

The assembly was capped off by encouraging word from our Mayor Patt Moeller and our Fearless leader Principal Matt Schermer.  #YeahImAGriffin




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