Royal Spotlight: Abe Harris, Art Teacher

Mr. Harris is #RoyalByChoice
 Mr. Harris is #Royalbychoice
It is my honor to serve the Royal community in the Art room, on the court, and on the field, each and every day!
Learn why Mr. Harris is #RoyalByChoice!
Mr. Harris loves to be a part of something great. A place where every person from Principal to Student, Custodian to Teacher, Bus drivers to Parents, wants to give what is best for education. Riverview is one of those places!
Hear what Riverview Royals had to say about Mr. Harris being a Royal:
Since he has no hands, he makes us feel like we can do things. It's like he is saying, even if you don't have this, you can still do that. He tells us to keep trying over and over again and is just a great person! ~Genelle Patton
Mr. Harris helps teach us how great Art is by showing us how to draw something and make it. ~Daron Pruett
Mr. Harris teaches us how to be a good artist by giving us directions. ~Brendin Smith
Mr. Harris helps and respects others. Mr. Harris respects his elders. He is kind to us. ~Sam Coleman
Mr. Harris teaches us how to do stuff that we don't know what to do and helps us learn how to do it. ~Matthew Juarez Brown
Even though Mr. Harris doesn't have arms, he still has a heart and is helpful. He didn't give up on his life and is always has a smile on his face. ~Damion Brown

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