CCP Education Students Sail Ahead of the Competition!

Sail Car

One of the goals of our CCP Education courses is to expose students to different types and forms of teaching and learning.  Because many of the students in CCP Education are interested in teaching different grade levels and different subjects, it is important to show a variety of methodologies and strategies.

Oftentimes, Mr. Neri, who serves as the adjunct professor for the course, will employ STEM activities as a way to teach communication, problem solving, and alternative practices.  "STEM lessons give the kids a chance to have fun and learned complex subject matter without relying on a traditional model of presentation," Mr. Neri added.

For this particular lesson, students constructed Sail Cars using paper straws, tape, copy paper and 3D Printed wheels.  "The main objectives of the lesson was to examine weight distribution, center of gravity, and friction."

The lesson was super successful, with the cars traveling 30 or more feet using nothing but a small fan.  "The kids did a great job of planning and designing.  During the test phase, they experimented with different wheel configurations, sail types, and support structures," Mr. Neri stated.  


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