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SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST 2020-2021 supplies

Here is the supply list for the 2020-2021 school year. There will be no communal supplies this year so it is important that your child has each item. 

Welcome Letter welcome back

Please read the letter written by Mr. Hopkins.

Hybrid Model: Multiple Last Names in the Same Household logo

If your students will be attending Hamilton City Schools in-person and have multiple last names within the same household please click to learn how we are automatically placing them on the same Hybrid Schedule.

Hamilton City Schools Information Release inforelease

Hamilton City Schools has released information on the start of 2020-21 school year in a hybrid learning model. 

HCSD 2020-2021 Restart Guide restart plan

The Hamilton City School District would like to share its 2020-21 Color-Coded "Restart" System.

July 15 - Parent Update - Face Coverings / Cubiertas Faciales face covering

The Hamilton City School District would like to communicate an update regarding face coverings, classroom safety and transportation for the Fall of 2020.

July 13 - Parent Communication - Classrooms and Cafeteria parent update

The Hamilton City School District would like to communicate our plans for our Classrooms and Cafeteria for the Fall of 2020.

July 6, 2020 - Parent Communication - Virtual Learning Institute and Transportation/Instituto de Aprendizaje Virtual y Transporte parent update

The Hamilton City School District would like to communicate our plans for the Virtual Learning Institute and Transportation for the Fall of 2020.

Update Regarding Re-Opening Cafeteria cafe update

HCSD appreciates the many questions regarding school lunchroom procedures. Please click here for further clarification.

June 30, 2020 HCSD Re-Opening Letter/ Carta de Reapertura reopening letter

As we continue during these unprecedented times, the Hamilton City School District
would like to communicate our plans for the “Restart’ of school in the fall of 2020.

June 1, 2020 - Parent Communication/Comunicación con los padres parent communication 1

Please click here for important parent communication. Haga clic aquí para una importante comunicación con los padres.


Research tells us that early childhood learning is key to a student’s success in school. Our district is proud to offer free all-day kindergarten for our students.

Fourth Graders Working Hard defrates2

From learning about the Underground Railroad, to essay contest, and now test 4th graders are rocking it! They have worked hard every day and earned a movie/lunch day with the teacher! 

Third Grade Online Learning lux 2

Crawford Woods 3rd Grade Teachers are excited about our online classroom!  We have created a place for students to learn, explore and share.  We can't wait to see how much our students enjoy all the new things we will be posting in the future!

Fourth grade STEM Building Challenge st laurent

Prior to the outbreak, on Fridays the fourth grade students in Dr. St. Laurent's class participate in a weekly STEM challenge.

Kinder Skills meadoes

Mrs. Meadows class is working on Kindergarten skills at home. Mrs.Meadows is uploading videos on Dojo for her students to watch.

Third Grade Remote Learning schenk

3rd Grade students from Mrs. Schenk's class have been working very hard developing and building upon their skills in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies through remote learning.

4/20/2020 3:15 pm HCSD: 2019-20 School Year School Closure logo

Today, April 20, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine made an announcement ordering all of Ohio’s public, community, and private K-12 school buildings to be closed to students for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic school year. 

Kindergarten Registration Now Open! k registration

The Hamilton City School District is excited to announce Kindergarten registration for the 2020 - 2021 school year will begin April 20th, 2020! Due to COVID-19, all registrations will be completed online only. Click here for all relevant registration information including links to registration forms!

Math Night zeller

On Thursday, February 6th grades 3-6 had Intermediate Math Night. We had several 5th grade games that students played with their parents and family members! Fun was had by all!

Dividing Fractions gilham

Sixth Graders are working hard in the pod on dividing fractions.

Edible Soil Samples buell

6th grade students built edible soil samples using oreos, chocolate chips, graham crackers, and gummy worms to learn about the living and nonliving parts of soil and how soil is created.


Disappearing Eggs at Crawford Woods ilderton2

Students created a "naked egg" removing the egg's shell using only vinegar.

Job Share Month smallwood

January is job share month for the sixth graders at Crawford Woods library. 

Screen Time for Kids- From the School Psychologist's Desk glaser

Amy Glaser, Crawford Woods School Psychologist, offers some insight to screen time and technology with young children. 

Busy Brains! milders

This week Ms. Milders' students collaborated to correct paragraphs, used tiles and dry erase dots to solve addition and multiplication problems targeted at their level, read classic tales to determine an author's message, and got their very own books to take home as Valentine's Day presents!

2020-2021 Calendars Are Available! logo dark
Paws-itive Character Winners! connell

Here are this week's Caught With Paws-itive Character Winners!

Reading Recovery Celebration! light

Crawford Woods recently completed the first 20 weeks of Reading Recovery.  A celebration was held for students completing this round to share their reading accomplishments. 

Virtual Reality Computer Lab durham

Would you like to visit the Grand Canyon? Or maybe you'd rather go rock climbing in Yosemite National Park!

Animal Research buelter

Students in Mrs. Buelter's third grade classroom conducted research on an animal of their choice.  

First Grade Sight Word Practice esl

Some first grade students practice their sight  words using shaving cream and a board. Writing in the shaving cream is a messy and fun way to practice their sight words! Another great way to practice at home is by using table salt. 

Crawford Woods Second Graders Go to the Newport Aquarium! k king

Crawford Woods second grade students traveled to the Newport Aquarium to learn about marine life.

Hamilton City School District Fine Arts Fun Facts lagoon

Please join Fine Arts Director, Tari McKee, in learning about the amazing fine arts happenings at HCSD!

STEM Turkey Traps st laurent

Fourth grade students worked on a two day STEM activity for science.

Kindergarten Groups myron

Kids reading and retelling The Ginger bread Man. We added the kids name and their teachers name to the story.

Making Inferences Harmon

The students in Mr. Harmon’s  1st grade reading group are learning to make inferences. Each student must write a riddle to see if others can make draw a conclusion and answer the riddle correctly. 

Snowflake Prefixes finke snowflakes

Fourth graders participate in the school wide vocabulary initiative by identifying prefixes, writing words that start with the prefix on their snowflakes, and then hanging them in the hallway for other students to view.

Hamilton CSD EdChoice Resolution Logo

Resolution Opposing the State of Ohio EdChoice Scholarship (Voucher) Program was adopted at the regular board meeting at 7:00 on the 12th day of December.

Turkey Traps Demonstrate Multiple Math and Engineering Skills cagle

4th graders used their measurement, perimeter and engineering skills to build turkey traps. #STEM

Christmas Gift Catapults anstead

2nd grade students have been busy working on their STEM projects at ESL Club. Ariann shot her Christmas present 107 inches!

Know the FACTS: EdChoice Scholarship Program logo

Do you know the FACTS about EdChoice and the impact on our public schools? Please take a moment to learn more.

Snowflake Prefixes FInke

Fourth graders participate in the school wide vocabulary initiative by identifying prefixes, writing words that start with the prefix on their snowflakes, and then hanging them in the hallway for other students to view.

Mrs. Roberts Reading Recovery roberts

Mrs. Roberts first grade Reading Recovery student, Leland, composes a written message in his reading journal

Pindown Pindown

Ms. Distler-Mills 2nd grade class playing a game of pindown.

Floor Hockey lammers

Mr. Cagle’s 4th grade class plays a competitive game of floor hockey.

Cincinnati Museum Program defrates

The fourth grade classes has been having visits from the Cincinnati Museum Program on wheels.

Synonym Street road signs


5th Graders are building their own vocabulary and sharing it on the vocabulary streets at Crawford Woods (Figurative Language Freeway, Synonym Street, Antonym Alley, Suffix Square, Prefix Place, Greek and Latin Root Route). 

Adult and Animal Babies babies

5th Graders learned new vocabulary words for adult animal and baby names. Did you know a baby koala is called a joey just like a baby kangaroo?

Robinson's Reading Students robinson

Mrs. Robinson's 3rd grade Title I students at Crawford Woods Elementary School read and write new vocabulary through Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) lessons.

Samiah Johnson's Soundation project McIntosh1

This is 6th grader Samiah Johnson's project that she created using a web-based DJing program called Soundation.

Hamilton City's History schenk

During Primary Literacy Night at Crawford Woods students created timelines based on Hamilton City’s history at the 3rd grade station.

Preparing Pineapple Sliders! demmer

Mrs. Demmer's students read about the re-opening of The National Children's Museum in Washington D.C.

Mrs. McQueary's 5th grade science class mcqueary

Students used toy cars to explore friction.

Build a Fizz Inflator ilderton

Ms. Ilderton's student enjoyed learning how an acid and base reaction work together to create a gas.

Pumpkin Exploration pumps

Mrs. Brock and Mrs. Meadows class exploring Pumpkins.

Fraction Fun at Crawford Woods buell

Just a fraction of the fun we had in 5th grade this week! 

Physical and Chemical Changes, and Ratios rittner

6th grade students worked hard to understand physical and chemical changes in science and ratios in math. 

Shaving Cream, Sight Words, and Smiles, Oh My! Milders

This week in Miss Milders' class, students focused on multi-sensory ways to write sight words that don't follow standard spelling patterns.

Cooperation and Conflict museum

Fourth graders at Crawford Woods enjoyed a visit from the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Author Visit author visit

Author, Zachariah Ohora, came to Crawford Woods to visit our first graders. 

Writing Sharing writing

Students in Mrs. Duris' class brought their writing to the carpet to share what they were working on!

Table Math math sharing

First graders in Mrs. Duris' room shared their math thinking on their desk!

Block Party block party

Students and families enjoyed a block party at CW!

The Bake Off! bake off


Ms. Demmer's class read about the Great British Bake-off in our news story this week!
He's An Author issac
First Grader, Issac, becomes an author!
Reading Together Students reading
In Mrs. Schenk's 3rd grade class, we are having so much fun becoming readers that build conversations with other readers so we can deepen our understanding of texts.


Name Puzzles Students playing with letters
Kindergarteners working on name puzzles in Mrs. Allison’s class! 
A Visit From the Chiropractor Dr Boyd
Mrs. Parker's class was visited by Dr. Boyd!
Making Ten! counting tens
2nd-grade students are kicking off the year “making ten” in small groups!