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3/30/20 5:00 p.m. - HCSD: May 1st - School Closure closing update

On March 30, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine made an announcement ordering all of Ohio’s public, community, and private K-12 school buildings to be closed to students through May 1st, 2020

What Parents/Guardians Should Expect During Distance Learning parents should know

Are you a parent or a guardian? Curious about what to expect during distance learning? Click here to learn more!

Toto Performance africa

This is a video of Dr. St. Laurent's class performing "Africa" by Toto. In the course of learning the song, students also learned about Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, and how to speak/sing some words in Swahili and Yoruba.

Collaborative Learning ernst

Two Heads Are Better Than One- collaboration allows for deeper thinking, sharing, and learning.

Important: Change to Meal Pick Up Schedule and Stops - Monday, March 30 notice

The Meal Pick Up Schedule and Stops will change starting this Monday, March 30. This Friday remains the same 11-11:30 at the same stops. 

Notable African American Reports for Black History Month reimer 2

Fifth grade students researched a famous African American during the month and wrote a multi-paragraph report.

Distance Learning Recommended Time Suggestions recommended image

Click here for example scenarios and recommended time suggestions for distance learning opportunities

Distance Learning Parent Resources parent resources

Click here for the HCSD Distance Learning Parent Resources. #BigBlueOnTheMove

3/13/2020 @ 5:30 p.m.- Distance Learning - Parent Information Coronavirus Closure update

3/13/2020 @ 5:30 p.m.- Distance Learning - Parent Information Coronavirus Closure

3/17/2020 @ 2:30 p.m. HCSD Meal Plan and Locations: COVID-19 - Beginning March 18, 2020 logo

HCSD Meal Plan and Locations: COVID-19 - Begining March 18, 2020

03/12/2020 at 3:30 p.m. - Coronavirus Update - Please Read cv update

Hamilton City Schools Coronavirus Closure

Dividing Fractions gilham

Sixth Graders are working hard in the pod on dividing fractions.

Ohio Department of Health Opens COVID-19 Call Center logo

Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, MD, MPH announces COVID-19 Call Center

Coronavirus Parent Letter hcsd logo

Click here for valuable information about Coronavirus from Hamilton City School District

Math Night zeller

On Thursday, February 6th grades 3-6 had Intermediate Math Night. We had several 5th grade games that students played with their parents and family members! Fun was had by all!

Edible Soil Samples buell

6th grade students built edible soil samples using oreos, chocolate chips, graham crackers, and gummy worms to learn about the living and nonliving parts of soil and how soil is created.


Disappearing Eggs at Crawford Woods ilderton2

Students created a "naked egg" removing the egg's shell using only vinegar.

Mrs. Stoffel's Class stoffel

Students are working hard on Informative Writing! We have been researching topics of interest and writing informative papers. Students research, and write their papers on the computer. 

Black History Month mitchell

Ms.Mitchell's class is celebrating African-American History Month by doing research on an iconic person in history. Students are learning about the many contributions of African-Americans during the course of United States history.

Job Share Month smallwood

January is job share month for the sixth graders at Crawford Woods library. 

Mrs. Demmer's Zoo Visit demmer

Mrs. Demmer's students met Ms. Casey, Tank (a box turtle), and Mataco (a three ringed armadillo) from the Cincinnati Zoo!

Let's Talk About It! buell

This week was all about conversations in Miss Buell's room. Whether we were reading, writing, and discussing characters/events from our books or making fractions with conversation hearts on Valentines Day, students brought their A-game. 

Busy Brains! milders

This week Ms. Milders' students collaborated to correct paragraphs, used tiles and dry erase dots to solve addition and multiplication problems targeted at their level, read classic tales to determine an author's message, and got their very own books to take home as Valentine's Day presents!

Screen Time for Kids- From the School Psychologist's Desk glaser

Amy Glaser, Crawford Woods School Psychologist, offers some insight to screen time and technology with young children. 

Ms. Rittner's Homeroom rittner

Amazing Stations in Ms. Rittner's Room at Crawford Woods

Hamilton City School District 2020-2021 Preschool Application Available Now! teacher with student

If you are interested in enrolling your child in Hamilton's Free 5-Star Preschool program for the 2020-2021 school year, the application is available now!

2020-2021 Calendars Are Available! logo dark
Paws-itive Character Winners! connell

Here are this week's Caught With Paws-itive Character Winners!

Reading Recovery Celebration! light

Crawford Woods recently completed the first 20 weeks of Reading Recovery.  A celebration was held for students completing this round to share their reading accomplishments. 

Virtual Reality Computer Lab durham

Would you like to visit the Grand Canyon? Or maybe you'd rather go rock climbing in Yosemite National Park!

Looks Like Spilt Milk in Mrs. Allison's Room! allison

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Allison's class have been reading "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" this week for their shared reading.

Kinder Sight Words meadows


Mrs. Meadows Kindergarten class is working on sorting words. They are sorting words based on word patterns.

Choral Reading in First Grade janszen

Mrs. Janszen's first grade class working on choral reading. We have been working on reading with fluency and expression over the last couple weeks. We went to other kindergarten classes to read our story The Stuck Truck to them. 

Animal Research buelter

Students in Mrs. Buelter's third grade classroom conducted research on an animal of their choice.  

Math Strategies baldock

Students in Mrs. Baldock’s first grade class work together during math workshop to solve problems and discuss the strategies they used.  They find that there are many different ways to solve the same problem! 

Nonfiction Text Features buelter

Students in Mrs. Buelter's class used a nonfiction book of their choice to complete a project that involved locating nonfiction text features such as headings, bold faced words, the title of contents, charts, photographs, captions, diagrams, maps, the glossary, and the index.

Fourth Graders Attend "Alice in Neverland" Alice in Neverland on Fitton Stage
The Fitton Center for Creative Arts recently hosted every fourth grader in the district for the presentation of "Alice in Neverland".
First Grade Sight Word Practice esl

Some first grade students practice their sight  words using shaving cream and a board. Writing in the shaving cream is a messy and fun way to practice their sight words! Another great way to practice at home is by using table salt. 

First Grade ESL Club at Crawford Woods esl

In first grade ESL club, these students were working on mixing colors!

2020 6th Grade Science Fair - A Huge Success science fair awards

The Annual Rotary 6th Grade Science Fair was held Friday, January 24th at Miami University Hamilton. 

Math King or Queen of the Classroom! clarke

Students love to play competitive math addition and subtraction games!  Mrs. Clark's second grade class plays a quick addition and subtraction flash card game called "King or Queen of the Classroom" before working on math workshops. 

Math Games in Second Grade distler

Students in Mrs. Distler-Mills classroom during math workshop find the sum of twenty by adding two or three digits.  

Crawford Woods Second Graders Go to the Newport Aquarium! k king

Crawford Woods second grade students traveled to the Newport Aquarium to learn about marine life.

Nonfiction Text Features File Folder Project schenk

3rd-grade students in Mrs. Schenk's class have been learning about the importance of nonfiction text features when reading an informational text.

Mrs. Parker's Pumpkins parker

The third graders in Mrs. Parker’s room did a pumpkin investigation back in October. The students then planted the pumpkin seeds from their pumpkins, and are observing them and taking care of them as they grow.

Know the FACTS: EdChoice Scholarship Program logo

Do you know the FACTS about EdChoice and the impact on our public schools? Please take a moment to learn more.

Investigations chanda

Mrs. Schroeder's second grade students practiced double digit addition by playing an Investigations math game.

Sentence Starters eskarcy

Third grader ESL students are learning which words are appropriate for starting  sentences and which words are not.

Hamilton City School District Fine Arts Fun Facts lagoon

Please join Fine Arts Director, Tari McKee, in learning about the amazing fine arts happenings at HCSD!

New School Board Members Sworn In swearing in

The Hamilton City School District swore in its newest Board Members, Margaret (Mag) Baker and Shaquila Mathews.

Letters to Santa ESL

First graders have practiced letter writing in ESL groups.

STEM Turkey Traps st laurent

Fourth grade students worked on a two day STEM activity for science.

Crawford Woods 3rd Grade Field Trip lux

Crawford Woods 3rd Graders had a wonderful time at the Cincinnati Museum Center and IMAX!

Kindergarten Groups myron

Kids reading and retelling The Ginger bread Man. We added the kids name and their teachers name to the story.

Making Inferences Harmon

The students in Mr. Harmon’s  1st grade reading group are learning to make inferences. Each student must write a riddle to see if others can make draw a conclusion and answer the riddle correctly. 

Snowflake Prefixes finke snowflakes

Fourth graders participate in the school wide vocabulary initiative by identifying prefixes, writing words that start with the prefix on their snowflakes, and then hanging them in the hallway for other students to view.

Hamilton CSD EdChoice Resolution Logo

Resolution Opposing the State of Ohio EdChoice Scholarship (Voucher) Program was adopted at the regular board meeting at 7:00 on the 12th day of December.

Turkey Traps Demonstrate Multiple Math and Engineering Skills cagle

4th graders used their measurement, perimeter and engineering skills to build turkey traps. #STEM

Christmas Gift Catapults anstead

2nd grade students have been busy working on their STEM projects at ESL Club. Ariann shot her Christmas present 107 inches!

Snowflake Prefixes FInke

Fourth graders participate in the school wide vocabulary initiative by identifying prefixes, writing words that start with the prefix on their snowflakes, and then hanging them in the hallway for other students to view.

Robinson's Reading Students robinson

Mrs. Robinson's 3rd grade Title I students at Crawford Woods Elementary School read and write new vocabulary through Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) lessons.

Crawford Christmas Ornaments warner

Every December, every student at Crawford Woods is given the opportunity to create a holiday ornament out of clay, or home decoration if they do not celebrate a holiday.

Mrs. Roberts Reading Recovery roberts

Mrs. Roberts first grade Reading Recovery student, Leland, composes a written message in his reading journal

Pindown Pindown

Ms. Distler-Mills 2nd grade class playing a game of pindown.

Cincinnati Museum Program defrates

The fourth grade classes has been having visits from the Cincinnati Museum Program on wheels.

Floor Hockey lammers

Mr. Cagle’s 4th grade class plays a competitive game of floor hockey.

Cincinnati Museum Center Visit gettler

4th Graders in Mrs. Gettler's class welcomed the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Word Up word up

5th Graders made a display of the Greek and Latin roots they are learning on Word Up with Mr. Hopkins.

Synonym Street road signs


5th Graders are building their own vocabulary and sharing it on the vocabulary streets at Crawford Woods (Figurative Language Freeway, Synonym Street, Antonym Alley, Suffix Square, Prefix Place, Greek and Latin Root Route). 

Adult and Animal Babies babies

5th Graders learned new vocabulary words for adult animal and baby names. Did you know a baby koala is called a joey just like a baby kangaroo?

Samiah Johnson's Soundation project McIntosh1

This is 6th grader Samiah Johnson's project that she created using a web-based DJing program called Soundation.

Pangolin Reading gilham

 Ms. Gilham's Block 1 reading group reads a book about the Pangolin, also known as the walking pinecone.

Rotary Club of Hamilton rotary

The Rotary Club of Hamilton gave dictionaries to all of the 3rd grade students!

Preparing Pineapple Sliders! demmer

Mrs. Demmer's students read about the re-opening of The National Children's Museum in Washington D.C.

Mrs. McQueary's 5th grade science class mcqueary

Students used toy cars to explore friction.

Hamilton City's History schenk

During Primary Literacy Night at Crawford Woods students created timelines based on Hamilton City’s history at the 3rd grade station.

Build a Fizz Inflator ilderton

Ms. Ilderton's student enjoyed learning how an acid and base reaction work together to create a gas.

Fraction Games zeller

Students are adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. 

Word Painting mitchell

Ms.Mitchell's 5th grade ELA class is building vocabulary as they work on their "Painted Words".

Compare and Contrast stoffel

In Mrs. Stoffel’s homeroom, students were to compare and contrast The Empty Pot to the previous interactive read aloud, The Greatest Power.

Science Fair Prep johnson

6th grade students are hard at work on their Science Fair experiments!

Narrative Projects comp

Mrs. Compton's 6th grade class is working on their writing skills. 

Fraction Fun at Crawford Woods buell

Just a fraction of the fun we had in 5th grade this week! 

Pumpkin Exploration pumps

Mrs. Brock and Mrs. Meadows class exploring Pumpkins.

Physical and Chemical Changes, and Ratios rittner

6th grade students worked hard to understand physical and chemical changes in science and ratios in math. 

Shaving Cream, Sight Words, and Smiles, Oh My! Milders

This week in Miss Milders' class, students focused on multi-sensory ways to write sight words that don't follow standard spelling patterns.

Basketball Champs! basketball

Congratulations to our 5/6 grade boys and Mr. Lammers for winning today’s basketball tournament! 

Cooperation and Conflict museum

Fourth graders at Crawford Woods enjoyed a visit from the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Author Visit author visit

Author, Zachariah Ohora, came to Crawford Woods to visit our first graders. 

Habitat Research habitat

First grade students are working on habitat research projects during enrichment time!


Virgil M. Schwarm Stadium Usage

Mentor Text mentor

Fourth grade students analyze a mentor text to determine why an author uses paragraphs.

Hamilton Celebrates Education wilkes winners

12 Hamilton City School teachers were recognized as Educators of Excellence

Hurricanes! hurricane


Mrs. Demmer's students have been learning about hurricanes and how to stay safe during bad weather.  

Hamilton Grows! growth arrows

The EVAAS results are in and Hamilton students are growing!

Writing Sharing writing

Students in Mrs. Duris' class brought their writing to the carpet to share what they were working on!

Table Math math sharing

First graders in Mrs. Duris' room shared their math thinking on their desk!

The Dot the dot
After reading The Dot by Peter Reynold’s the fourth graders in Mrs. FInke and Gettler’s classes discussed how they can make their own marks on their world.
Cincinnati Museum Center Artifacts cin mus
Cincinnati Museum Center brought many artifacts that are over 600 years old for CW’s 4th graders to use observation skills to infer information about the first native people of America.
Grandparents Celebration gparents
The students in Mrs. Buelter’s 3rd grade class had a great time on Grandparent’s Day!
Play 60 Bengals Event play 60

The Cincinnati Bengals welcomed 23 of our sixth grade students to Paul Brown Stadium to participate in their “Play 60” program.

Reading Marks neftali
First grader, Neftali, is putting reading marks in his book to show an interesting spot in his book!
Grandparents Day grandparents
Our annual Grandparents Day event was one of our best ever!
Block Party block party

Students and families enjoyed a block party at CW!

The Bake Off! bake off


Ms. Demmer's class read about the Great British Bake-off in our news story this week!
He's An Author issac
First Grader, Issac, becomes an author!
Reading Together Students reading
In Mrs. Schenk's 3rd grade class, we are having so much fun becoming readers that build conversations with other readers so we can deepen our understanding of texts.


Apollo 13 apollo 13
After researching Apollo 13, Mrs. Smallwood read “Man on the Moon” to Mrs. Buelter’s 3rd grade students. They were so excited about the lunar modules they built!
Hamilton City School District Quality Profile Quality Profile Image
The 2019-20 Quality Profile is Here!
Name Puzzles Students playing with letters
Kindergarteners working on name puzzles in Mrs. Allison’s class! 
A Visit From the Chiropractor Dr Boyd
Mrs. Parker's class was visited by Dr. Boyd!
Making Ten! counting tens
2nd-grade students are kicking off the year “making ten” in small groups!
Big Blue on the Move Highlights- Superintendent Super highlight
#BigBlueOnTheMove:  Superintendent Mike Holbrook
STEM in the Library Maker Space in Crawford Woods Library
Did you know we have a stem lab in the library this year?