Hybrid Model: Multiple Last Names in the Same Household


In an effort to help families, the Hamilton City School District will automatically place all students who live together in a household on the same Hybrid Schedule.  The students will be assigned to the Hybrid Schedule that matches the last name of the oldest enrolled student in the household.  

Please note this determination will be made by using the student’s physical address.  You can verify what address your student is listed by visiting your FinalForms account (https://hamiltonbigblue-oh.finalforms.com/).  To change an address, the guardian must provide Proof of Residency and no changes can be made without Proof of Residency.  

If your child has been automatically placed due to more than one student in the household with different last names, you will receive a letter informing you of the change.  Unfortunately, the District will not be able to process requests for schedule changes based on personal preference. 

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