HHS-FC Library

Last Updated: 3/24/2020 8:34 PM


The HHS-FC Library is open to all HHS-FC students and staff members. You can check out books, do research, get help on homework, play games, tinker in the Make Lab, or generally just hang out.

The HHS-FC Library is open before school, during lunch (after you finish eating), and during passing bells. Need to stay after school to work on things? Contact Ms. Topping to see if she is available to stay. You will have to have your own way home.

The HHS-FC Library is open all day, unless Ms. Topping is working with classes or the library is being used by specific groups. If you'd like to come to the library during class, get a pass from your teacher.

IF THE LIBRARY IS CLOSED for the day - you can still come in before school, during passing bells, or after school. You can use UBER Reads! to get a book delivered (to your English class).  You can also email Ms. Topping to find a work around!


Here's a link to the online library catalog. You can use it to look for books. Click on the INFOCat link (the teal one) or iSearch to search.

HHS-FC Library Catalog and InfOhio materials

If the library isn't open, you can fill out an UBER READS form or send Ms. Topping an email to request the book you'd like to read.


The Lane Public Library has electronic resources for library card holders!

Don’t have a library card?!  NO PROBLEM! Fill out this form for a temporary E-Card!  It will let you borrow electronic resources until the library re-opens!

You can use the electronic resources on a laptop, chromebooks, tablet, or phone.  Make sure you check this list of apps to see what you should download to get started!  What can you access? Online Learning and Test Prep (like the  ACT and SAT)! E-BooksAudio books! And more!

If you need help, email Ms. Topping ([email protected])!